The care of the baby, the free sex videos child may be due to death from pneumonia

In bv the four doctor, do not see the children's parents to the police found bv tied to the closed state of the "Nin Za" regardless of the child have a fever nearly 40 degrees.
"Children see a doctor only to see one eye, mouth, hand over the respirator, everyone, except the clothes tied in a closed towel. The doctor asked the young parents to send their children to abandon things Lum Nagatsuki to go to the doctor, because the child back wet with sweat, when children have a fever to 39 degrees on the hot seven". A doctor in the emergency room of children BV four.

The young parents can see the temperature is too hot outside of the children's air conditioning in 24 hours, or even prohibit I do not go out, because of fear of "thermal shock". Until we see many young people who have a fever, cough, the need for new bv hurried to take me to the hospital found that the treatment of pneumonia children, because is too heavy.

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Pneumonia, if not timely detection and treatment of disease can cause fatal high to children under the age of 5.

The mistake here is your dad, Mom: you can easily get pneumonia.
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Many mothers think need a warm bed in winter to the children carefully with lots of layers with different thickness. However, this is a completely wrong, simmer, too much may cause more disease in children.
In fact, the baby's body temperature is not like a big child will feel hot or cold quickly. Children often run, people playing games should be easy to heat, sweat, even if the weather is very cold. Therefore, the wear is warm, it is easy for children to sweat on the back and head. If the parents did not soon noticed children catch colds, pneumonia.
The use of air conditioning fan or directly into your passport
The hot weather in summer so that children get sick easily. Many children afraid of the heat, so enable children, 24 hours of air conditioning however, if not reasonable use, will let the child be bronchitis, colds, pneumonia.

That the child had symptoms of pneumonia
As long as the parents observe the child's breathing through the clothes off and let the mobile observation in the chest or abdomen to observe the young do not sleep or lie on crying when I was young. Some children had pneumonia cough, but do not have a fever do not sleep, weaning. Now, father or mother see between the chest and abdomen boundary marker, when children inhale or concave.

Young and persistent fever: a fever is probably a lot of other symptoms of the disease, but the young high fever lasts 2 to 3 days, is the symptoms of pneumonia. When their children continued to have a fever, need to be brought to the nearest hospital.
Your body is blue, showing young body symptoms, can realize, hands and feet, the skin appears pale and purple, suggesting that children with respiratory disorder. This phenomenon means in heavy pneumonia if not found, go to the emergency room time is very easy to stay under the complications, and even death.
Breathing faster than the age of the sign: This is considered to be the main and first appeared when the child got pneumonia.
Less than two months of the child, quickly from breathing 60 times per minute.
Children from two months to 12 months, 50 times / minutes fast breathing.
From 12 months of children under the age of 5, 40 times / minutes, breathing speed.
Sunken chest symptoms: This is the child pneumonia burden. Detection method is the only parents watch (1 / 3 at the bottom of the chest, concave) breathing at a young age. If the software or area of the rib clavicle depression pull no chest depression.
Another young symptoms of dyspnea, wheezing, chest pain or pain, can be a lot less; dry lips, with fatigue tired of eating
Pleuropneumonia is often wrongly diagnosed
A large proportion of the children died of pneumonia is because they do not have the correct treatment after being diagnosed with bronchitis or wrong

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