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The essential oil of frankincense does increase the "backbone" 1
Frankincense is being the gentlemen hunt to improve a field of the room by the way-directly

Liang y Nguyen Xuan Direction-former Chairman of the Oriental medicine Vietnam said: "in the traditional medicine, agarwood is considered a particularly precious, rare and expensive. The old days, people used frankincense to do knee to counter headaches, depression; get the frankincense country cooking stormed or bathing cure Sai shock in children. The smoke of frankincense was used as an exorcism, cleaner gas. Water frankincense are the scales up to preserve mummies.

Frankincense powder against are fleas, lice, louse. Medicinal herbs of frankincense have the spicy, bitter, slightly sweet, aromatic smell, warmth, kidney tonic effects of gas, calm, relieve pain, vomiting, mainly used in the case of abdominal pain, chest pain, cold, vomiting, asthma, colds, shortness of breath, urine, gas conditioning males. Static IP (God of Medicine) has used frankincense in cooperation with only the South, rustic flavor, counties radish, gold star, marine repair drinking water best thũng, belly full of obstacle course. The terrace of the Navy Which He (hundred Pearl rise) again using frankincense with rustic flavor, nutmeg cinnamon, eucalyptus, scatter the flour, do members drink with decoction of leaves of patchouli to cure vomiting non stop ".

However, talking about the use of enhanced backbone when-frankincense directly not through processing, Liang y Nguyen Xuan Hereby reaffirms this notion is just ... ridiculous. He said: "today, the very big money, many of the" think of any natural herbs, rare animals would also work for "it". Like recently, some males often call me asking about the use of rhino horn has a price. 
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In the process of studying medicine and Oriental medicine books, I myself have not seen any material that comes to the powerful faction of the mark strengthens frankincense. This precious wood is mainly used as a perfume. Also in Oriental medicine, frankincense as a medicine to cure the gas, Christmas is about digestion, such as bloating, abdominal cut ... In addition, because the material is so rare in the very rarely use frankincense. Perhaps because of the large profits should the frankincense merchants have launched the rumor about the effects enhance this type of rare treasures to "suck" the nation ".

The essential oil of frankincense does increase the "backbone" 2
Liang y Nguyen Xuan Hereby affirm frankincense does not have the effect of strengthening the ability of male physiology. Photo: T. G
Not yet have scientific basis

Long ago, the value of frankincense in the place is a precious perfume ingredients, specialty of some Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam. The country's ancient books and China both recorded the value of the famous frankincense that Vietnam still must bring the ancient King God its neighbor to the North. The essential oil distilled from agarwood is intended for the high-grade perfume fragrances and cosmetics of the expensive oriental. Deposits are mined from the body of the aquilaria trees. 

Oriental medicine taxonomy affective good, bad by letting in water, if affective affective floor sink is best; put in water that's not sinking, hovering, floating bass is not of type 2; also the bass type 3 is sort of floating on the water. Oriental medicine is often used as drugs for type 2 bass type 1 has a very high price. There's the good kind of black identity, bass balls

Frankincense is being the gentlemen hunt to improve a field of the room directly.

In addition to using aromatherapy export processing, the frankincense as a drug in the treatment of some diseases. Most recently, many ladies are the ears of the enhance man by sucking frankincense and each race looking kind of luxury. So has really brought frankincense uses "the room" as rumours (?).

-Frankincense enhance (?)

Recently, the nation is always interested in hunting to "miscellaneous" often leak disaster on a method of enhancing the "backbone". That is sucks frankincense unprocessed. Based on this rumor, many men that frankincense is lures both Viagra, help the weak, visibly improve physiological ability of men both in quality and quantity. There are people who even confirmed the rare late after using the frankincense some time will have the opportunity to do my father ...

In fact, the use of "the" precious wood's gold was speculation from long ago. The products are made from frankincense essential oil frankincense, like high has been peddling much on the network with the use of the prevention of cancer, skin, bright eyes, CUONG Duong ... A firm specializing in the production, purchase and sale of essential oils is also famous for ads that: "To achieve the intense, prolong sexual intercourse just 2-3 small drops of frankincense oil and rubbed on the chest. For men suffering from premature ejaculation when applying 3 drops on the chest will become strong, lasting relationships time up 3-4 times ". Believe in the magic of precious wood, much longer hitters on agarwood hunt soaked alcoholic to increase backbone.

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