Cry, laugh, sick man: tall, but deepthroating must "open at night"

Level of "devastation" quality of life due to premature ejaculation cause no less disease, if "suffering all" not determined to overcome. 

Suffering is difficult to say

2 weeks ago, a young man named LB H (in Xining) timidly looking to learn Khoa Nam, Binh Dan Hospital (HCMC). Physiognomy delicious, burly figure but when asked about medical experts, then this young guy like tears: "I have married a wife is 4 months. During the past four months, the couple you  miserable every night. Em all the way to save it, you must make the couple broke up. " Turns out, during 4 months H never once succeeded in. Couple cuddle closely tied together with AV Free strong, but every time coming "major agreement" as "boy" husband of the "cry" immediately. Every effort to improve the situation of spouses H almost disabled. "The life I now suffering wife as hell, still night, the day must laugh to tears. Sure you have to release the wife alone, "said H guts doctor replies.

Mai Ba Tien Dung, according to Dr. Dean Male School (Binh Dan Hospital), LBH is a typical proof ie Yearbook material being "lost bullets" from the first moment of lovemaking relationship. So the young couple had been "summoned" to expert guidance of synthetic therapy. After 2 weeks of practice under the advice of doctors, H "report" with Dr. Tien Dung in laughter: "Yes quieter then, more than 3 minutes. Always wished to be 30 minutes pediatricians (?!) ". Experts must also "give up" the dream of H, but must immediately explain to this guy that, while "visiting each other" long or short is not the important issue create quality, "the fried". "The key is to have enough to" partners "not satisfied. If "partner" you just 3 minutes to 4 minutes he takes it a "disaster" for the village head and arm pillow, "Dr. Tien Dung said.

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According to experts: Premature ejaculation is a condition where your time of war he almost within 1 minute after the two people together and have no ability to control. This condition severely affects both psychological. Husband is self-deprecating, stressful, frustrating; wife always feel unhappy, depressed, avoiding blanket pillow talk. Even, this disease is one of the causes of sexual dysfunction in the wife. "It is alarming that according to the latest research currently, there are 25% of men of all ages suffering from this disease. Ie for every 100 men is 25, he "mump" Dr. Mai Ba Tien Dung said.

Statistics in the Department of South School (Binh Dan Hospital) shows, the rate of successful treatment premature ejaculation is now over 80%. "Treatment of this disease at Binh Dan Hospital quite effective. The biggest obstacle is that, many patients impatient and combine with "partners" in the course of treatment, the lack of cooperation with experts to come together. Essence of what makes the success of medical treatment is determined to treat the patient, but there are many therapies, "Dr. Tien Dung said.
In a survey involving ejaculation premature Khoa Nam Study Implementation (2014) on 117 patients (both husband and wife) shows the time when detecting the disease until they decided to join the treatment medium extends to 34 month average. The reason for this prolonged, most answer is shy, does not like to share information about the disease. The survey also showed that 86% of cases said inferiority, completely lacked confidence during sex; 70% feel depressed in life, lazy or shy away from blanket pillow talk. Specifically, 96% of men suffering from premature ejaculation, feeling of dissatisfaction at "Partner". 

Over 1 year ago, he LVK (50 years of age, residing in the City) looking to BS Mai Ba Tien Dung also because such a delicate condition. According to Dr. Tien Dung, the patient is kept throne "Champion" of age when deciding the treatment of premature ejaculation. Mr. K has two children in their 20s, the economic well-off family. Answer experts why each year-old decided to treat diseases which should be a "cure" since married, Mr. K honestly: "When I was young and shy to say much this service too . Now an adult, it should also psychologically more comfortable. But more important reason is now his wife not to worry too much for the girls, but it is time to care for each other. I think it's time to improve every minute in the "sex" to his wife with joy more fully, as well as ways to improve the quality of life ". Commenting before his interpretation K.

For every 100 men are 25 persons in distress

Statistics in the Department of South School (Binh Dan Hospital) shows, the rate of successful treatment premature ejaculation is now over 80%. Treatment of this disease at Binh Dan Hospital quite effective. The biggest obstacle is that

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