A few weeks later, young girls ebony sex dream wedding, 25 year old died of cancer.

May 4/2017, entered the Hall of Micah Repato while knowing that she lived only about 2 months. 

25 years old, 3 months before the big day, Repato was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4. Before that she was AV Nurse perfectly healthy, with no other symptoms strange until one day last month 12/2016, she writhing with colic. 

Though perfectly healthy, young 25 year old girl has died after only 4 months diagnosed 

According Colon Cancer Coalition (Association of colon cancer), colorectal cancer rates tend to rise to 4%, and this figure is 3% for colon cancer. 

Repato a young patient. Earlier she said she has no symptoms or early signs of the disease until a strong cramps in December 12. During the illness, Repato recorded a blog describes daily struggle with her cancer. 

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After 4 months of being diagnosed with the disease and just weeks after his dream wedding, Micah was gone. 

She wrote: "In the first few days, doctors have seen different, some have argued that it was colon cancer in the doctor also said I was stomach cancer." 

Finally, Repato had surgery to remove 26cm right colon tumor. But during the surgery, the doctors found that the tumor grew, spreading to her peritoneum. Then she began chemotherapy on Valentine's Day, when recovering from surgery first. 

Everything went well and the results showed that the cancer had not spread. Repato be treated to reduce the nausea caused by chemotherapy. 

She went to a clinic and the final test results showed that she was only a few weeks to live. She decided to leave the hospital to return home in Calgary, Canada, live with your loved ones.
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Upon receipt of the data message, Peter Studnicka - Repato boyfriend decided in next to her until later. By the end of March, he offered marriage and both have wedding day then 1 week - in early May 4. Repato lived with my fiance for a few weeks before his death on 25 January 5. 

her husband, Peter Studnicka, has posted on Facebook: "Micah is a beautiful soul that so many people love and we thank all of your support during her journey," "Micah wife me, she is my love and most of all she has become the best friend of mine. she will forever remember, my memories of her forever filled in my heart " . 


Micah Repato held wedding day then 1 week - in early May 4. 

Colon cancer is a rare disease in patients under 60 years. However, the incidence of this disease in young people increased by 2% / year. 

But in March, the Repato twisted intestine and cancer cells spread throughout the small intestine and colon. The doctors did not dare to carry out surgery. Instead of spending time in a hospital bed rest, back home to live Repato with family and friends.


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