3 dangerous moment for my truth or dare porn sister if doing "it"

1. in the days of menstruation
In the women's menstrual period, the cervix opens wider than normal, acidity in the vagina dilute at this blood draw, making the ability to fight bacteria, the lining of the uterus of women being hurt.

By ThS.BS Le Thi Phuong Hue BV Srinivas share when doing "it" these days, the vagina will be out much more blood, leading to prolonged menstrual periods. Moreover, it is also the reason why the bacteria Adult video penetrate the vagina, causing bacterial infection, infection, leading to inflammation of the cervix, vaginal inflammation. This is no small influence women's health.

At times my sister should avoid what the relationship will be better (artwork)

2. During inflammation infection

According to BS hue, causes inflammation of the vagina due to the growth of germs, bacteria, fungi ... When inflammation of the vagina, women will experience symptoms such as itching, redness, burning pain like ... This time you should abstain married relationship. By this time the bacteria are very contagious, a condom does not guarantee absolute safety. Just a small exposure can also lead to serious infection status. To protect your health, avoid the condition becomes more severe and contagious, you should abstain from sex.

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Whether as inflammation of the vagina kind would also not have sex during treatment, to avoid collisions in the relationship makes the vagina more severe diseases, blood pulse. In addition, acute inflammation period not be sex, after the disease are improving, when relationships need to carry a condom to avoid multiple infections.

Thus, while suffering from gynaecological infection and need the best treatment needed absolute relation to diet when the disease out completely. 

the time of no relation

3. Immediately after birth 
Normally after childbirth, the cervix of the woman open to the right, a little time from 1-2, came out to zoom back out. Including caesarean or sister students often have the time to think of certain nutrients should the relationship again.

If my sister is hot in a hurry that sex will soon make the vagina of women getting hurt leads to the gynaecological inflammatory diseases or cervix. In addition, if a sister relationship soon when the surface of the lesions in the womb have yet to heal, vaginal acid substances have yet to recover, property room still more easy genital tract inflammation.

The relationship after the birth if not using contraceptives can still become pregnant. There have been many cases of pregnant woman in the first few months after birth. DR Hui adds.

So, after abstinence time born different, depending on the location, this muscle. But overall, women after childbirth should abstinence relationship the couple after the birth to every organ in the body can recover completely, especially the new talking genitalia relationship again.


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